Hall H Show Podcast has adopted the “Voice of independent creators” credo as the theme of what drives their podcast episodes. But they are not just a podcast audio show. 

Founded by Aaron Nabus and Alex Benedicto, the HallH.com blog with a mission: “We would use “Hall H” to shine the spotlight on artists, writers and other pop culture and comic book creatives!”

The Hall H Show podcast was launched in October 2016. 

Alex and Aaron attend events which support independent creators, mostly in Southern California. As residents of San Diego, most of their event coverage is in the San Diego region. Aaron and Alex team up covering the events they attend using their smartphone cameras. They were inspired in 2016, when they attended San Diego Comic-Con International at a Mobile Filmmaking panel led by founder of the International Mobile Film festival, Susy Botello. Since then, they have been using, mostly, Android and iPhones to record interviews and capture footage during events.

Hall H Show Team members include Ed Santos, Co-Founder; Ted Meneses, Contributor: Dean Ritarita, Contributing Photographer; Jason Lethert, Contributor / Guest Host of the Hall H Show Podcast

Hall H Show is a new member of MFTV: Mobile Film Distribution Network Channel for film and video content creators. 

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Watch their three top videos shot with smartphones!

Hall H Show Co-Host, Aaron Nabus talks with watercolor artist, Kim Nguyen (Kimposed) at Los Angeles Comic Con 2017.

Aaron Nabus interviewed David Pepose (writer of the comic book, Spencer and Locke) at San Diego Comic-Con 2017 for the Hall H Show podcast (episode 22).

Aaron Nabus, from the Hall H Show Podcast interviews Stephan Franck about his comic book, Silver (the last volume is coming out later this year). They also discuss his “The Iron Giant” panel at WonderCon 2018.

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