Let’s Chat in San Diego with CK Goldiing! CK came to #MFF2019SanDiego as a special speaker to share his film #61Hugs with our audience.

A fun conversation talking about Mobile Filmmaking, International Mobile Film Festival in San Diego, the San Diego scene and other interesting bits to chew on. Shout Out to Ale House in Pacific Beach for being incredibly awesome to us. IMFF website

CK’s Website: https://www.61hugs.co.uk

CK Goldiing on Twitter: https://twitter.com/CKGoldiing

Susy Botello on Twitter: https://twitter.com/susybotello

Shot on iPhone with bad lighting in a noisy environment, using a ketchup bottle and Samsung phone as a tripod stabilizer. Fun conversation with CK. Thanks for coming out from the UK to Cali!

Editing & Music by: Susy Botello Want to hear the podcast? Check it out! https://medium.com/smartphonefilmmaki…

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