Mobile ReporterNews happens and while we have lots going on we will only share important stuff. We premier all our annuncements on our Facebook page. This is probably the next place where you will find news. Mobile Channel TV is where it's all happening right now. Just pull your smartphone out of your pocket and check out the news we bring directly to you at any moment. Meanwhile, if you are a mobile news reporter or journalist don't forget you can now share your mobile video reports here. We will create a channel just for you!


Would you like the film festival experience? All films in our International Mobile Film Festival must be shot with smartphones. We are pioneers in the mobile film industry. IMFF was launched in 2009 as a live venue film festival and a platform for anyone in the world of any age and experience level to get their foot in the door of filmmaking using cell phones as their camera. 


LaurelLOGO MFF2018

Submissions for #MFF2018SanDiego are CLOSED.

Please check our website for rules and details. Submissions for 2019 will open again in the summer of 2018. All films must be shot with only mobile phones. Smartphone filmmaking can make you a global star filmmaker!